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Member Benefits

  • Coalition Research/White Paper on state legislation affecting professional certification and occupational licensing
  • Liaise with other organizations with interests in this area
  • Educate agencies and groups issuing grants for occupational licensing reform about the Coalition’s positions
  • Periodic phone updates/discussions/strategy sessions; frequent opportunities for Coalition members to interact with the Coalition leadership and consultants
  • Monitoring state and federal legislative activity (coordinated with ASAE’s monitoring)
  • Frequent written analysis/reports on legislative activity
  • Website (password protected) for maintaining all Coalition documents/information
  • Direct contact with state legislation bill sponsors/staff
  • Interface with members’ representatives in the states where legislation is pending
  • Model/letters/testimony for use by Coalition members in state legislative campaigns
  • Reserve portion Coalition funds held, at the discretion of the Steering Committee, for costs of local lobbyists in state campaigns where necessary 
  • Selection/engaging/coordination of any local lobbyists engaged
  • Compliance with state lobbying registration/reporting requirements where required


All members must commit to the full annual dues upon joining the PCC. Regardless of the date a member joins, the member will have full access to all member benefits and PCC work product, including archives of past strategy meetings/calls.

Annual Certification-Related 
Total Dues/Fees
Less than $500,000 $750
$500,000 to $999,999 $1,500
$1,000,000 to $2,499,999 $2,500
$2,500,000 to $4,999,999 $7,500
$5,000,000 to $7,499,999 $13,500
$7,500,000 or more $15,000

*Dues/fees for membership in the Coalition are based on a total commitment of approximately 0.2% (two-tenths of one percent) of all annual certification-related revenue, up to a maximum of $15,000 in dues/fees. Certification-related revenue includes application/testing fees, certification/ re-certification maintenance fees, certification prep/education fees, certification consulting and services fees, exam development, administration or related services, psychometric services, etc.  The total annual dues/fees amount is committed upon initiation of membership.
Note: This dues structure applies to the four primary membership classes: stand-alone nongovernmental professional certification organizations, national trade associations providing professional certification, nonprofit organizations providing test-related services used by government occupational licensing programs, and businesses providing certification-related services for professional certification programs. 

Other organizations not engaged in professional certification that seek to support professional certification may also apply to join the PCC; the dues levels for organizations without certification-related revenue will be based on the organization’s overall annual revenues, subject to annual cap of $7,500. The annual fees for this membership class (i.e., other organizations neither engaged in professional certification nor providing testing- or certification-related services) are:
  • $750; under $2 Million in overall annual revenues
  • $2,500; between $2 Million and $4,999,999 in overall annual revenues
  • $5,000; $5 Million to $9,999,999 in overall annual revenues
  • $7,500; $10 Million or more in overall annual revenue

Professional societies with no certification-related revenue and with overall revenues of at least $2 Million may receive a companion organization dues discount if a certification organization for the profession is a PCC member or joins the PCC prior to the professional society’s payment of the second half of its annual dues.  The companion organization dues discount is $500 off the $2,500 annual dues assessment and $1,000 off an annual dues assessment of $5,000 or higher.

General Information 
To obtain general information about the Professional Certification Coalition, please email

Becoming a Member
To join the Professional Certification Coalition, please download and complete the Membership Application and email the signed application to